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Modular sluice box PPM-5

 It is designed for washing and enrichment of gold-bearing placers bouldery sands with containment of fraction enriched – 50 mm about 40%.


The PPM-5 is an equipage of mobile assembly units, each having own undercarriage in the form of sleds allowing transporting them separately after connecting communications dissembling. The particular makeup of the device is specified by customer during execution of application dependent on estimated mining and geological operating conditions.


Modular sluice box PPM-5 Modular sluice box PPM-5 Modular sluice box PPM-5



The scope of supply includes:

-          hydromechanical sieve;

-          oil-pumping station with pipeline;

-          hutch;

-          deep filling sluice;

-          medium filling sluice;

-          pumping unit 12 NDs;

-          boulder separator (optional);

-          spreader (optional);

-          sluice add-on PSO-1000 (optional).


Hydromechanical sieve is a bath made of heavy-walled metal and mounted on sledges at an angle of 12 degrees to horizon. There are bulldozer rollers mounted inside the bath on its bottom on which the carriage bearing car wheels is resting. Carriage is making in and out moving with help of the two hydraulic cylinders. There is laminal web laid upon wheels so it could deflect freely between them. Both ends of laminal web are secured to end walls of bath. As the carriage moves, the laminal web creates ‘running wave’ effect by the action of which sands provided by bulldozer or loader are subjected to turning and tossing on intensive watering-down by sprayer mounted over a bath. The web’s plates are assembled with gap of 50 or 30 mm between them determining the size of the fraction enriched. Dredged tails are being  discharged through cross-cut window in bottom of bath to delivery tray sending it to deep filling sluice and then to medium filling sluice. The tails from sluices are proceeding to dumping site by gravity. The take-off material (pebble) under the action of abovementioned ‘running wave’ effect discharged from sieve’s bath after end where it removed from as it accumulates by bulldozer to dumping site. Moreover, when washing sand with – 350 mm fraction size about 85% the device may be equipped with boulder separator and spreader to reduce dozing significantly.


PPM-5 Technical characteristics

Throughput capacity,  cbm per hour


Sieve seeding surface gap sizes, mm




Boulders proceeded to sieve maximum allowed size, m


Technological water flow, cbm per hour


Enriched dredge tails fraction size, mm

-30 or -50

Electric motors generating capacity:

-          oil-pumping station, kW

-          pumping unit, kW




Total weight, t






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