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Conveyor tumbler unit with sluicing PKBS-100

The sluice box PKBS-100 is designed for washing and enrichment of the sands of gold placer deposits which are little-water-logged and rich of fine gold.

This unit provides efficient gold recovery with size from 0,1 mm to 20 mm, washing and dumping pebble and boulders with the size up to 350 mm.


This device consists of the following main units:

-          feeder bin BPK-1000;

-          belt conveyor KLPK-1000;

-          disintegrator sieve GDB-100;

-          spreader OZP-800;

-          pumping unit (12NDS);

-          sluice SGM 6x700/1x580.


The double-layer drum sieve of the tumbler provides separation of two fractions subjected to enrichment (-20 and +25-50 mm) to the dredged tails. The dredged tails with the fraction of -20 mm being proceeded through special dredged tails receiver (collector) to six-troughing two-deck sluice for fine fractions for gravity separation, and fractions with size of +20-50 mm proceed to one-troughing sluice for coarse fractions. The sluices tailings are being dumped by gravity.


Technical characteristics

Device capacity, hourly technical, cbm per hour


Water flow demand, cbm per hour

up to 720

Flow demand, m w.g.



-          coarse fraction sands size, mm

-          fine fraction sands size, mm




Maximum allowed boulder size, mm


Drivers generating capacity, kW


Pebble removal

by spreader

Dredged tails removal

by breakage

Mass (in package), t



The characteristic feature of the device is in its enriching part. Thanks to uniform pulp distribution over the tables (sections) of the sluice it is increased metal recovery provided.

The riffles’ lifting is mechanized, the cleaners’ work is simplified, clean-up time and labour expenses are reduced, and the devices for keeping of metal recovered are provided with this device.





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